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Dayman Education, is a education developer in STEM education subjects. We are internationally renound; our courses are taught at every level of education. From home learners, schools, college and universities worldwide.

We beleive in equal educational oppotunies, and cater to every level of education.

Look below to see a range of our bootcamp style courses, or alternatively if you are a professional education institution interested in our full featured industry certification courses, you can request our cataloge.

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Bootcamp courses

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Business website crash-course

Learn how to build a business website rapidly. Learn how to use bootstrap, to rapidly produce and deliver a responsive website experience.

The technologies and techniques in this course, were used in creating the website you are using today!

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My First Website

A combined pure HTML5 and CSS course, create responsive websites and gain a good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3.

Recommended for teenagers and adults looking to produce their first personal website project.

Gain a good understanding of the key languages that power the web!

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My first HTML5 Game

Quickly learn some JavaScript basics, with the bucket of frogs game. The STEM game for kids that teaches mathematical concepts and JavaScript all at the same time!